A parental leave policy is more than just telling people what they’re entitled to when then leave and return back to work.

You need a family-friendly culture to sit alongside the policy to make sure people take up options that are right for them without the fear of being judged for it.

3 ways to make sure people get the most out of your parental leave policy:

🏆 Senior leaders should champion your policy

They need to set an example and make themselves visible as working parents by taking up their entitlements and openly talking about their experiences.

🔎 Be Transparent

Don’t make it difficult for people to find your policy and remind people that it exists. Open communication about the policy will help people feel less anxious about revealing their becoming a parent as they’ll know you’ve been up-front and honest about what you can do for them. 

👩‍🔬 Test

One size doesn’t fit all. People have different needs and it may take time to find something that works, and that’s okay. Embrace the process and make sure you have systems in place to properly evaluate how the policy is performing.