Join Parent Promise and become an employer for life

Join Parent Promise and become an employer for life

We help businesses retain talent by supporting them in creating a workplace where employees want to stay for the long haul

We do this with our 360 degree workplace programme that ensures workplaces and parents are provided with continuous support

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What can Parent Promise do for my business?

Increase Employee Productivity

Healthy, happy people are more productive. We spend more time at work than anywhere else and productivity often increases as a result of feeling happy and being supported in what we do each day

Attract, Retain and Support Industry Talent

The key to creating a culture that encourages employees' growth and development is through empowering them. This way, you can increase the loyalty of people toward yourself as well attract top industry talent!

Become an employer of choice in your industry

In today’s workplace, more and more job seekers are looking for organizations that share their own values.

Promote gender balance at all levels of your organisation

According to a recent study, businesses that promote gender balance within their team can expect to see an increase in profits of over 20%.

How it Works

1. Lay the foundations

Support for your business, policy review, research, identify key areas for improvement and make recommendations

2. Employee Support

we provide ongoing and continuous support for your employees

3. Market Accreditation

we help you shout about how great you are, to help you attract and retain talent and become an employer of choice.

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